Head shot of Joe Hoover

Resume (PDF)

I am a big history buff, especially local neighborhood history, I am a firm believer, every person, every place, (yes - even a suburb) has a story to tell, (although not always nice sweet ones).

I am president of the board of the Richfield Historical Society manage their print and web assets. I also was chair of the West Side Historical Society and helped save much of their historical collection from the dumpster. The collection now safely rests at the Dakota County Historical Society where I did an internship in registration methods.

Work background:
In addition to my skills in marketing, PR, web design, print, and network administration, I have also enjoyed being a community organizer for St. Paul's Dayton's Bluff and Hamline-Midway neighborhoods and a counselor for kids with emotional problems at St. Joseph's Home for Children and Abbot Northwestern Hospital. Those experiences have left me with substantial people skills and lightening quick reflexes in case something got thrown at my head.

I've also worked as a web design instructor at Minneapolis Community and Technical College. One of the hardest jobs I had but one that I really loved. Unfortunately, state budget cuts put an early end to my teaching career. The students were great, I had an older crowd (25-40) with interesting life experience. I learned quite a bit from them AND no one threw anything at my head, always a plus.

Currently I work for the Minnesota Historical Society.

Send email to: jhoover [at] myotus [dot] com
My cell phone is: 612.869.5675